Healthy Relationships California, the nation’s largest Relationship and Marriage Education (RME) organization, has launched a new Spanish-language website, is the latest addition to HRC’s expanding corpus of RME materials and curricula created specifically for Spanish speakers. “We realized that simply translating the content of our English-language website might not reach the Hispanic community in a culturally appropriate way,” explains Media Relations Specialist Lucinda Loveland, who is also a bilingual RME facilitator. “So we have created new content in which Latino RME leaders from across the state share their perspectives on the importance of RME.”

Spanish speakers are invited to “improve your relationships”—the literal translation of “mejora tus relaciones”—on the new site. A Class Finder helps visitors locate Spanish-language RME classes in their area, and they can browse through a video-based FAQ section and view testimonials about the impact of RME skills in the lives of participants. The site also provides links to RME books and a variety of articles written in Spanish.

“The reception among our participants is very positive,” says Ms. Loveland. “Prior to this, they had to rely on word-of-mouth to encourage their family and friends to join them in learning about RME. Now, they can also refer their loved ones to a website designed especially for them, which helps explain more fully why these Relationship and Marriage Education programs are so valuable for people’s lives.”

SOURCE Healthy Relationships California