Flipboard launched a new U.S. Latino Content Guide: one place to find publications and news sources popular with Latin audiences in the United States. Simultaneously, Flipboard kicked off new publishers partnerships geared towards its millions of Hispanic readers. Leading news publications such as CNN en Espanol, FOX News Latino, Huffington Post Latino Voices and CNET en Espanol as well as Esquire Latinoamerica, Milenio, Excelsior, and Variety Latino are working with Flipboard to turn their stories, photos and features into a beautiful and immersive experience. Both launches are part of Flipboard’s efforts to create a personal experience for Latinos in the U.S.

“Nearly 15 percent of our Flipboard readers in the United States prefer receiving content in Spanish, and there are many more Hispanics who read Flipboard in English,” said Joe Kutchera, Flipboard’s head of Hispanic partnerships. “Our curators in Miami, in collaboration with our editorial team in Palo Alto, have put together a custom Latino Content Guide for this vast group of readers.”

Ismael Cala, Doctora Aliza, Chef Pepin, Ariel Coro and more on Flipboard
Additionally, prominent Hispanics have started curating Flipboard magazines that are also featured in the new Content Guide. For instance, CNN en Espanol’s Ismael Cala has a magazine titled Cala en Flipboard based on his show and what he is reading, and Doctora Aliza is curating a magazine about living a healthy and happy life called En Cuerpo y Alma. There are also Flipboard magazines curated by technology expert and analyst Ariel Coro, Univision news anchor Leon Krauze, TV Azteca’s Alfonso De Anda, Latin Celebrity Chef Pepin and Ana Flores, author of the book “Bilingual Is Better.”

Leo Messi Foundation and Ediciones Pampa
On the eve of the World Cup in Brazil, Flipboard launched an exclusive magazine with the Leo Messi Foundation around Leo Messi’s history and social mission for futbol fans around the world. That social mission is to support the dreams of children and youth all over the world through the work of the Leo Messi Foundation. The Flipboard magazine gives readers free access to excerpts of the book ”Messi: Choose to Believe” in English and Spanish.

More about the Latino Content Guide
To make it easy for readers to find all this great content, Flipboard’s editorial team compiled the new U.S. Latino Content Guide with Spanish and English content (approximately an 80/20 mix respectively) from sources in the U.S. as well as from the various countries of origin. Content categories include tech, news, fashion and lifestyle and “By Our Readers”, where the curated magazines are featured.

To find the U.S. Latino Content Guide, readers tap the red ribbon in the top right corner and select “New and Noteworthy”, where they can select the new guide on the bottom of the screen.

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