I woke up one morning and on a whim, I decided to look at my passports…all three of them.  As I turned the pages, I remembered every single visit of every single corresponding stamp.  My first stamp on my Venezuelan passport was to the United Kingdom and even though my home country passport is about 8 years expired, it had been renewed several times and pages had to be added.   Nevertheless, my American passport is the passport that has opened the doors of the world for me.  It is hard to believe that only 30% of Americans have a United States Passport.

A passport identifies you as a citizen of a specific country and I am proud to be identified as a citizen of three countries, with a story behind each one of them. I was born in Venezuela, so naturally I received that passport.  After living in the U.S. for 10 years, I was naturalized in 2001 and abandoned my Venezuelan passport (or so the U.S. legal language says). My father is a Spanish citizen, so I inherited the Spanish passport that I have used to travel throughout Europe.  Here I am, with a passport to three different worlds that allows me to experience multiple points of view.  I can obtain employment, explore the globe and continue on my journey to become a true citizen of the world.   At this moment, I feel like one lucky traveling Latina.  It is thanks to my mother and her passion for showing me the world that I have been so appreciative and welcoming to so many other cultures, languages, foods, and fashion: That is the power behind a passport.

Traveling, and on a budget which is what Traveling Latina is all about, is one thing that I would love to share with the world which is the reason I have collaborated with The Passport Party Project, a program that will allow 100 young girls to have the same opportunities that I had, by gifting them with their very first passport.  10 girls x 10 passport parties = 100 new worldviews!  As a 26-year old Latina with a mother that encourages world travel, I would like to encourage every single Latina mom and dad out there to empower your children with the tools it takes to view the world.  The Passport Party Project is open to all girls regardless of socio-economic or cultural background and we are making it a priority to reach out to Latina girls across the nation during the first phase of this initiative that will visit 10 different cities within the next 18 months.  If you would like to learn more about The Passport Party Project, obtain a free passport for your daughter, or donate to this amazing cause, please click here, like the project on Facebook and follow our hash tag on Twitter #PassportPartyProject to make sure you get all of the upcoming announcements!

From one TravelingLatina to many more…echale pichon! Que el mundo es tuyo para explorar!


By Ana Serafin