Due to popular demand, Hispanicize.com is excited to invite our pal Miguel Rajmil, tech editor for Fox News Latino,  to contribute with a few more affordable gadget recommendations for those ‘Top Chefs’ and ‘Entertainment Lovers’. Browse around and feel free to ask Miguel for his insights and other suggestions. Tweet us at @Hispanicize using the hashtag #SeñorTech. with your questions. Follow us on Pinterest and tag us some of your suggestions!

Last week I was very busy during CE (Consumer Electronic) Week. This is an exciting time to be in New York and celebrate technology. This annual ritual hosts a series of interesting sessions and professionals across the city. Most importantly, CE Week aims to build anticipation toward the infamous and gargantuan trade show ‘CES’, held every January in Vegas.

As a tech editor looking to be on top of the game, I have to assist to countless conferences, visit hundreds of booths, meet developers of new applications, drink coffee with owners of small companies — trying to break the “Big Market” — and have boring dinners with Public Relations agents “schmoozing” me into writing about their “marvelous” clients’ products.

Here are some of the most interesting things I found at the show:

Sungale NetChef Networked Kitchen Recipe

Netchef is an Android tablet encased in a plastic unit designated to sit on the top of the kitchen counter.  This   electronic aid will help you to find the right recipe from its catalog (500 pre-set recipes) or connect you to the Internet where you can research the Netchef website or some other source for more ideas.

The full-color 8 inches high-resolution (1024×768) touch screen  allows you to choose recipes, search the Internet for new ones,  watch cooking videos, read cooking news, play music in the background, display pictures, and use the device as a timer / unit converter. Oh, and did I mention you can also use it for what it is – a tablet? Great all around!

Netchef is built-in with 4GB of internal memory to store all your favorite recipes, and an external memory which can be expanded up to 32GB.

Sungale NetChef Networked Kitchen Recipe is retails for $ 269 at Amazon and other online stores.


Cynaps: Bone Conduction headset in a hat

I saw an infinite variety of headphones: small ones, big ones, cheaper one, expensive ones, black, white, yellow or every color of the rainbow. However, I had never encountered Cynaps, the world’s first Bluetooth-enabled bone conduction headset in a hat, delivering the sound directly into the inner ear through vibration.

The Cynaps hat looks like a sport cap and discreetly hides the electronics on the visor. It includes a microphone for free-hands phone calls with controls that enable you control the volume and accept or terminate the calls.

You can sync up the hat with any Bluetooth enable smartphone and computer; it is very easy, but do not expect ‘concert hall’ quality sound. It is more like you are listening to AM radio.
The hat, make obsolete the use of headsets and it is perfect for activities like driving or biking, helping you to maintain full awareness of your surroundings.

According with the developers, the battery life “is amazing, with standby time around 30 days and an average talk time between 6 to 10 hours.”

The hat is available on their website via Cynaps, where you can chose between different colors and models, including the standard hat for $70, the sweat-free for $79, and  $60  for a bare bones self-install module, that you can adapt to a helmet or another type of hat.


CrowdFlik:  app that enables users to create and share custom edits of crowd-sourced video

CrowdFlik, is the first collaborative event-driven mobile video platform that lets users create, edit and share crowd-sourced video.

The free app is designed to allow users to capture, assemble, re-imagine and share the greatest moments in life. Created to be the ‘go-to video app that’s easy-to-use’, CrowdFlik allows users to recreate and share live moments and events, to quickly turn the  video from simple “video postcards” into multi-camera shoots.

CrowdFlik’s unique synchronization process uses atomic time and geo-location data to enable users to check-in, shoot and upload footage from concerts, sports, family events  using their iOS mobile devices. The CrowdFlik app slices videos into synchronized 10 second segments and assembles them on the CrowdFlik cloud-based edit platform where users can select segments from their videos along with footage captured by other attendees to create personalized multi-angle edits (“FLIKs”). FLIK footage is accurately synchronized to 100 nanoseconds using the U.S. Naval Atomic Clock, allowing precise cuts even in fast moving events. Once uploaded, the service allows site visitors to re-assemble footage on mobile device or desktop, and whether they were at the event or not and take the director’s chair to participate in the fun.

“CrowdFlik turns every video into a multi-camera shoot,” said Chris Hamer, CEO, CrowdFlik, Inc. “With CrowdFlik, fans can experience events in a fuller way by exploring every angle of events wherever in the world that they happen.”