Listas Locales, the online search solution for Hispanics, is pleased to announce the launch of its fast-speed, dynamic, and personalized mobile application. The new app, free on iTunes and Google Play, assists users in finding local businesses in their community and in their own language.

The app is powered by AWS servers and has GPS capabilities to find local services, contact info, map directions and suggestion for similar businesses, all within the users’ location, whether at home or on the road.

Listas Locales’ in-depth knowledge of the Spanish culture and language has revolutionized the way Hispanics search online and on their devices.

The application proprietary search algorithms are not limited to basic Spanish. Users can find nearby businesses using proper, informal and slang Spanish from many Hispanic countries. No matter if it’s “tinto Colombiano” “café Venezolano” or “cortadito Cubano,” Listas Locales will take you there.

Listas Locales app is fully customizable. By using “Mi Listas” option, users can save their search history and add favorite categories for a personal and unique experience. They can also review local businesses for other users to see. Advertisers now have an effective and direct connection to the over indexing Hispanics consumers at their fingertips.